Specialty Coffee from Nicaragua

The essence of our people.


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About Us

Coffees from Nicaragua represents the essence of our country, OUR CULTURE, OUR TRADITION our people who work all throughout the entire coffee production chain, from the work in the field to grow coffee, during its harvest, its subsequent process, all the way to its retail... that's what makes Nicaraguan coffee so outstanding; the thousands of women and men that day by day work their hardest to show the entire world the greatness of our coffee.

Our History

Nicaragua has a coffee-growing tradition that dates back centuries, with the first coffee plantations operating since 1796, and first exports to the world beginning in 1848. Since then, Nicaraguan coffee has been making a name for itself in this fascinating world.


Nowadays, the quality of our coffee has exceled in international markets, further enhanced by the social and environmental benefits of our production process. Nonetheless, there are still many challenges ahead that demand a more just and competitive approach to the entire value chain.

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